Medical Director

Board Certified Psychiatrist

Psychotherapy, Psychopharmacology,

Expert Witness

Dr. Parks has been a psychiatrist in the Chicago area since 1993.  She treats people from all walks of life and with the full spectrum of psychiatric problems. She offers comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, expert second opinions and private consultation to individuals, other physicians and mental health providers, businesses and attorneys. She also provides ongoing psychotherapy and psychopharmacology services for men and women.

Dr. Parks completed her residency in adult psychiatry at The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, Westchester Division and an additional fellowship in the treatment of trauma at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Dr. Parks has broad experience using a variety of different treatment modalities both for psychotherapy and psychopharmacology.  She believes that it is important to listen carefully and offer individualized care based on the patient’s specific problems, concerns, needs and preferences. This includes an interactive, practical, solution-focused approach to help clients resolve current problems. Sometimes unresolved issues from the past may cause unhealthy patterns in the present and interfere with your ability to live a fuller, more meaningful life. Or, those issues may create patterns that repeat themselves in unhealthy ways in your life. Some patients also enjoy exploratory therapy to promote personal growth, insight and self-awareness. When medication is advisable, Dr. Parks will explain the choices that are available and review the risks and benefits involved.  Dr. Parks will then answer any questions you may have. If you are receiving care from other medical and/or mental health providers, she will also communicate with them, with your permission, to collaborate in the coordination of care with the goal of enhancing the integration of your care. She would be happy to discuss your specific concerns and design a personalized care plan to meet your needs and help improve your life.


Nurse Practitioner


Lynn is a board-certified Advance Nurse Practitioner by the ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center).  She has experience with adult, geriatric and the developmentally disabled population.   Lynn was an advocate for the NGRI (Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity) program in Rockford. 

Lynn graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Health Administration.  She also graduated from Elgin Community college with a degree in Nursing, received her BSN from Kaplan University, and received her master’s degree from Walden University. 

Lynn believes that combining medication and therapy is the most beneficial plan for most patients.  She collaborates with Dr. Parks, other providers, and outside therapists.


Program Director of Recovery Services

Helping others has always been a passion for Sherry Keller, AS, CADC. Since earning her license as a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor in 2005, Sherry sees her role as helping those with substance abuse issues while increasing the awareness of the harm substance abuse can create in the community. At Main St. Psychiatry, Sherry works with individuals receiving medication assisted treatment for substance abuse and heads the DUI program. She offers group services, one-to-one counseling, substance abuse evaluations, treatment for those individuals requiring court-ordered treatment, and Secretary of State Services for those whose driver’s licenses have been revoked. Sherry believes in a compassionate and evidence-based approach to substance abuse, and has had great success in helping individuals regain their sobriety and their driving privileges.