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(Un)Fashionably Late

We all have that one (at least) friend that is always late. We might even have a strategy of telling that person to be somewhere earlier than necessary just to make sure they are on time. This is annoying, right? However, it may not be entirely their fault and there may be a psychological explanation as to why they are always late.

There are multiple explanations as to why some people are chronically late. First, it may have something to do with their internal clock and the way they estimate time. For example, when getting ready in the morning, the tardy person’s internal clock may be telling them that 10 minutes have gone by when in fact 30 minutes have passed. This person’s internal clock is wrong and now they are running late to work.

Another possibility is that those individuals that are chronically late have more laid-back personalities or get so absorbed in what they are doing that they lose track of time. For those of us that prioritize being on time, this is unfathomable! However, being laid-back or having the ability to focus so greatly on a task (i.e. mindfulness) are also very admirable qualities. As with most anything in life, adjustments can be made to compensate for flaws in one area and to take advantage of strengths in another.

One simple way to attempt to improve in punctuality is to set reminders for appointments and other obligations. Most smartphones have the capability to remind us of things we need to do in different time increments. Also, there are games you can play to increase the accuracy of your internal clock and adjust accordingly. Any adjustment you can make to improve punctuality will likely benefit you as much as it benefits others, as it will help to reduce the constant stress you may feel by being late so much of the time.

For more practical tips on how to avoid being that person that is always late, click on the articles listed below. As always, reach out to Main St. Psychiatry for support to change your behavior and reduce stress.

Original material found here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/psychology-explains-why-youre-always-late_us_58f91677e4b00fa7de1293d2