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Frustration and Anger

There appears to be an increased level of frustration and anger in our culture today. In fact, evidence suggests that Americans are suffering from higher levels of stress and worry today than we have experienced in the last decade. In that case, it is not surprising that we are all more susceptible to rising tides of frustration and anger.

How can we keep our frustration and stress from rising to dangerous levels? First, we need to be mindful of observational learning, wherein we see this bad behavior modeled by others and then incorporate this into our own standards of behavior. Basically, we need to watch out for the level of exposure we have to online bullying, arguments, and outbursts of anger before we internalize it and begin to act on those impulses ourselves.

Another tip for decreasing overall frustration and anger is to take time for relaxation. What is most important when using relaxation as a coping tool is to practice these strategies, like deep-breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, or guided meditation every day. This way we are prepared to use these techniques when we need them the most. There are various apps and online tools to try, including the Calm app, that can help to find relaxation tools that work for you.

Acceptance of angry feelings as natural can also help to avoid an outburst, as fighting these feelings will likely only make them worse. Anger can be a productive emotion if you can find ways to use your anger as fuel to solve a problem. Try to learn what triggers your anger so you can avoid those instances as much as possible. Maybe you need to spend less time on social media or watching the news, and more time being kind and compassionate to those around you. Invoking an opposite emotion may at times allow us to see how silly and exaggerated our anger really is.

For more tips on managing anger and frustration, check out the articles below. Call Main St. Psychiatry today if anger is getting in the way of you enjoying your life.

Original material found here: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/do-the-right-thing/201807/two-psychological-theories-know-more-civil-society