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Identifying Anxiety

Anxiety is becoming a more frequently discussed and accepted mental health issue in our society, as those who suffer from it are being more vocal about the symptoms and causes of Generalized Anxiety and Social Anxiety Disorders. At some point, we have all likely experienced anxiety in some shape or form, even if it does not fall into the category of a disorder or diagnosis. Life can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming, leading to anxiety symptoms that many people cope with on a regular basis.

However, there may be symptoms of anxiety that are not readily recognized. Not every person will experience the typical manifestation of anxiety including excessive worry, compulsive behaviors and anxiety attacks. There are some signs of anxiety that may be considered unusual or not immediately associated with an anxiety issue. It can be assumed that many people who suffer from anxiety do not realize what is happening and therefore do not seek out help and support.

Are your muscles sore on a consistent basis? This may be from regular tension associated with increased anxiety. Do you yawn a lot? This could stem from a lack of proper sleep due to anxiety. Do you experience regular stomach issues? Increased stress and anxiety might be impacting your digestive system. It is important to note that symptoms of anxiety both usual and unusual, could result from any number of medical and/or psychiatric diagnoses, which is why it is essential to consult a physician to discuss your symptoms and concerns.

Anxiety manifests in a multitude of physical, mental, and functional impairments. Even run-of-the-mill anxiety surrounding public speaking or social gatherings can impede our ability to fully experience what life has to offer. The first step to working through anxiety is to acknowledge that there is an issue without giving in to feelings of weakness or embarrassment. Anxiety plagues all of us from time to time, and it is encouraging to see so many public figures speaking openly about their struggles to overcome anxiety in their lives and careers. Let’s all summon the strength to be open about our own anxiety and support each other in managing this all-too-common mental health concern.

For more information on signs of anxiety, check out the articles listed below. If you are concerned about the level of anxiety you experience in your daily life, call Main St. Psychiatry today for support in coping with anxiety symptoms.

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