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Highly Sensitive People

Do you feel more deeply than others? Do you have physical reactions such as pain or nausea to emotional distress? Are you often accused of being irritable, overly sensitive, or a “crybaby”? If any of this rings true, you may be part of a group labeled as “highly sensitive persons”. Highly sensitive persons, or HSPs, are known to be more emotionally reactive and vulnerable to intense feelings than the general population.

Signs of being an HSP include crying easily, a greater propensity for symptoms of anxiety and depression, and increased time needed for decision-making, to name a few. However, not all aspects of being an HSP are negative. HSPs tend to have a greater capacity for empathy, attention to detail, and even better manners than their less-sensitive counterparts. As with any personality trait, moderation is key and those individuals who identify as highly sensitive will benefit from adapting to both the positive and negative aspects of their sensitivity.

Above all, seeking the right kind of support to manage and cope with heightened sensitivity is key. Relationships can be complicated due to heightened sensitivity to criticism and comparison to others, as well as the HSP’s tendency to beat themselves up for small mistakes. However, recognition of these traits along with effective communication skills may help to alleviate sensitivity and the “drama” that may come along with it.

If any of this rings true for you, and you need assistance in coping with negative emotions, call Main St. Psychiatry today. For more information on highly sensitive persons, check out the links below.

Original material found at: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/communication-success/201711/24-signs-highly-sensitive-person