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National Recovery Month

In this, National Recovery Month, we are going to be devoting many of our blogs to Recovery. Why recovery?

1. Because people, young and old, are dying from accidental overdoses

2. Because addicts who have hit bottom are dying from intentional overdoses when they are too sick and tired of being sick and tired. 3. Because suboxone has been proven to save lives and help people turn their lives around.

4. Beause your life can turn around and you can have a future!

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is an opioid, buprenorphine, combined with an opioid blocking medication, naloxone. It works by satisfying the craving for opioids (norco, Vicodin, dilaudid, heroin, etc.) and by blocking the effects of any other opioids. So, not only do you not crave street drugs but if you take them, they will put you into withdrawal. This combination of effects helps people to change their behavior and thus change their lives. Once on the right dose of Suboxone, they are much less likely to want to use other opioids.

Importantly, insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid support Suboxone treatment. This means that if you have any of these, your Suboxone medication expense will be covered. Unfortunately, we do not take Medicaid so they don’t cover our services but they still cover the cost of the medication. We strongly encourage patients to go onto the ACA marketplace online and apply for insurance to obtain whatever benefits they can to cover treatment and any other medical issues they may have.

A fact that you might not know: the government limits the total number of suboxone patients that each physician and nurse practitioner can treat in a given year. This year, we are allowed a total of 130 active patients at any one time. Because we are a new practice and only opened suboxone treatment in June 2018, we currently have openings for suboxone patients. When these spots are gone, they are gone, and we will have to open a waiting list. If you have been thinking about trying Suboxone treatment, there is no better time than now.

Next blog: What does Suboxone treatment involve?