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Are you SAD?

Do seasons matter? We tend to live insulated lives, with the majority of our time in homes, cars and offices, only stepping out of doors to travel between these climate-controlled environments.

When autumn appears, leaves begin to change, and some of us begin to feel lethargic, oversleep, overeat and isolate, avoiding social events and activities we used to enjoy. The days grow shorter and sunlight is harder to come by.

If you work nine to five, then by the beginning of November you may only see a scant hour or two of sunlight. By December, it will be less. And then there are the holidays.

While some families embrace all members and provide positive interactions, many of us experience increased stress and unpleasant memories regarding those who surround us, and those who are missing from our tables at these times.

Some signs to look out for are lack of energy, sleeping too much, overeating or not eating enough, crying spells, difficulty sleeping, and difficulty concentrating. If you find that you are experiencing these symptoms, give us a call. It’s not a sign of weakness. It may be Seasonal Affective Disorder, and we can help.

For more information go to: https://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/topics/seasonal-affective-disorder/index.shtml