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The Cost of Perfection

If you need to be right, you might be wrong.

The Albert Ellis Institute warns us that rigid thinking and rational living don’t work well together.

These days we expect, and often receive, answers almost immediately. We wait only moments for food at a drive-through restaurant. While we may be able to receive these agreeable and predictable results at McDonalds or Google, relationships are much messier, less predictable and often less agreeable.

Willingness is accepting reality as it is. Willfulness is refusing to accept reality as it is.

Willfulness increases our suffering. Willingness decreases our suffering.

In Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, we call willingness Radical Acceptance.

In AA, it is the Serenity Prayer.

Perfection is intoxicating and unrealistic. Expecting it from others can be very disappointing. Expecting it in ourselves can be even more damaging.

In his song, Anthem, Leonard Cohen urges us to “forget your perfect offering, there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.

If perfection and the need to be right at all costs are costing you more than you are willing to pay, we can help.

For more information check out: http://albertellis.org/rigid-thinking-and-rational-living-dont-work-well-together/