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Driving Privileges: You Don't Know What You've Got Until It's Gone

A driver’s license is more than a piece of paper, isn’t it? It’s the freedom to go where you choose, when you choose. Unless it’s been revoked or suspended. Then finding your way to work or shopping for groceries becomes a chore. It’s like the song says, you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone!

You’ve paid the price, but you don’t have to keep paying it forever. And by price, we mean the price of a taxi cab or Uber ride. At Main St. Psychiatry, we have Secretary of State Services ready to guide you and provide the necessary resources for you to begin the process to regain your driving privileges.

If you’d like to get back on the road again, even if you don’t think it is possible, we can help. Sherry Keller has helped dozens of people to get back behind the wheel, and you may be the next success story waiting to happen! Give us a call. At Main St. Psychiatry, we’re on your side.