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Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis has been a big topic of discussion and debate around the country in recent years. As this type of treatment becomes more well-known and accepted, there have been questions as to how medical cannabis can benefit individuals with many types of different ailments. We seem to still be in the learning process of how medical cannabis can be of use in the medical field.

If you have questions about medical cannabis, call Main St. Psychiatry today for more information and to determine if this treatment may be beneficial for you. In the meantime, copied below is a summary of a recent research study involving medical cannabis and chronic pain.

Pilot study finds medical cannabis tied to lower opioid use in chronic nerve pain patients

Taking medical cannabis led 62 percent of patients with chronic nerve pain to cut down or stop their opioid use, according to a first-of-its-kind pilot study that tracked 76 individuals over nine months. Columbia University and Columbia Care LLC — a medical marijuana company — announced this morning that the National Institute on Drug Abuse has given the organizations a grant to expand their study into whether cannabinoid treatments can influence opioid use and overdose risk in non-cancer pain patients. Past studies have shown that states where medical marijuana is legal see fewer hospitalizations due to opioid overdoses.