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Positive Self-Talk

Feeling down in the dumps? Feeling like you can’t do anything right, or that you are stuck in a rut? One way to decrease these feelings is through positive self-talk – intentionally repeating positive messages to yourself to boost confidence and self-esteem. If we are repeatedly telling ourselves that we are failures, or ugly, or wrong, that is what we will come to believe. Those beliefs can become hard-wired and quite difficult to change. If we change the messages we send ourselves, we can change our mindset.

Positive self-talk involves focusing on talents and strengths, such as consistently telling ourselves, “I am capable”, so that we truly belief we can conquer obstacles in our lives. Reminding ourselves that others are capable as well can help us to feel more comfortable reaching out to others for help rather than focusing on previous negative experiences. Positive self-talk may help us to believe that the challenges we face are opportunities for growth and positive change rather than just another negative experience in a long line of difficulties we have faced in life.

At this stressful and oftentimes overwhelming time of year, positive self-talk is a great strategy to focus on what this season should be about: love, hope, and joy. If you need help getting into a more positive mindset and believing in yourself, call Main St. Psychiatry today. Also, check out the article below for more information and tips on how you can engage in positive self-talk and begin to focus on happiness and change.

Original material found at: https://psychcentral.com/blog/positive-self-talk-7-things-mentally-healthy-people-tell-themselves/?li_source=LI&li_medium=popular17