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Prevent Winter Weight Gain

Cold nights, early darkness, holidays and comfort foods. All can lead to weight gain. Sunshine during winter days is limited which leads to an increase in melatonin levels. This hormone is activated with darkness and prompts your body to sleep and also increases appetite. Try to get outside and get some sun when we are lucky enough to get some. Vitamin D from the sunlight will help prevent a decrease in serotonin levels. Try not to avoid exercise even if it’s too cold to go outside, or try exercising in your home. (Das, Kristina).

Know how many calories are in your holiday foods. One cup of egg nog has 224 calories. Which is 80 more calories than a can of Coke. Use caution with snack bowls, pretzels, nuts, candies and chips. Snacking from these bowls add calories quickly. (How to Avoid Hidden Calories During the Holidays).