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On the Road Again

Do you remember the moment you passed your driving test and received your first driver’s license? That was a proud moment, wasn’t it? Ah, freedom and the open road.

As time went on, the freedom grew. But danger also rears its ugly head. You’ve heard the saying , "driving is a privilege, not a right”. A DUI can take that privilege and freedom away very quickly. It can hit you hard. It can take away those freedoms, make everyday tasks very difficult, and drain your bank account.

If this has happened to you, we hope that you will be more careful with your driving privileges going forward. If you are using alcohol or drugs, or even prescribed medications, make certain that you don’t drive while impaired, for the safety of yourself and those around you.

If you have been charged with DUI, we can help. We are here without judgement, and with the information and remedies you need to overcome this obstacle. If you have lost your license, we can help with that, too. We can get you on the road again.

For more information, check out

http://www.cyberfdriveillinois.com/departments/drivers/traffic safety /dui/home/.html

If you are experiencing a problem with drugs and/or alcohol, let us know before the consequences hit home. At Main St. Psychiatry, hope starts here.