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On the Road Again, Part 2

You remember it clearly. You were pulled over, breathalyzed, arrested, and booked. That was just the start of your nightmare. Your drivers license was revoked. Talk about changing your entire life with one decision.

No more quick runs to the store. No driving the kids to school. Transportation went from a given to a problem. It's still a problem now, consuming way too much time and energy as you navigate daily life without being able to drive.

You did your treatment and learned your lesson, but you still don't have your drivers license. You are tired of asking friends and family for rides, spending so much of your money on Lyft or Uber, constantly worried about how you will get where you need to go.

There's an answer. Main St. Psychiatry offers Secretary of State services that can get you back on the road again. If your license has been revoked, call us today to learn how you can get it back.