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Advances in Depression Treatment

If you have looked at the news today, you’ve likely seen posts and articles about the FDA approval of esketamine, a medication related to Ketamine that has been approved for individuals struggling with treatment-resistant depression. This new medication will be administered in a physician’s office to allow for monitoring after the dose is given. The approval of this medication, given as a nasal spray, acknowledges the lack of advancement in medication for depression. For a patient to receive this medication, they need to have failed (i.e. experienced little to no improvement in symptoms) on more commonly used antidepressants in order to be qualified as having “treatment resistant depression”.

Another unconventional treatment available for depression is transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS. TMS involves stimulating the central nervous system through certain areas of the brain to provide relief from depressive symptoms. Recognizing that many patients do not benefit from medication and therapy alone, TMS provides an alternative for those still struggling to manage otherwise treatment-resistant depression. TMS is administered in a physician’s office, is relatively painless and side-effect free, and has been shown in many clinical trials to be effective and safe.

Main St. Psychiatry strives to remain on the forefront of medical advances in the treatment of mental illness. As such, we are in the process of investigating and obtaining both Ketamine and TMS as alternative treatments for depression to be administered in our office. We acknowledge that many individuals suffer from hard to treat depression, and that even with medication and therapy improvement is not always gained or lasting. Keep an eye out for more posts and specific information on when these treatments will become available!

If you or a loved one is suffering from depression, call our office today at 815-526-3781 to learn how we can help.

Original material found at: http://time.com/5545522/ketamine-drug-approved-depression/