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Work/Life Balance

Following up on the previous blog post about mental health in the workplace, it is important to include a discussion on work/life balance. Many of use wear our busy schedules as a badge of honor, like it is a sign of strength to be constantly running from task to task. In fact, this constant state of busyness can be significantly detrimental to our mental health. Also, balancing hard work and deliberate rest can actually boost productivity and success in the workplace.

The important word here is “deliberate” rest. Rest does not necessarily mean sleeping or laying around watching Netflix. Rest should be focused on “restorative” activities such as a hobby or exercise. Taking time away from work not only physically but in the mind as well. Allowing ourselves the space and time to focus on positive activities outside of work can spur creativity and innovation.

The moral of the story is that it should not be considered an accomplishment to devote one’s time solely to work. The accomplishment is finding ways to balance work and personal fulfillment, with both quality alone time and activities that promote physical and mental wellness. Next time you’re considering taking on overtime hours, or you wake up feeling exhausted and unmotivated, consider how you are spending your free time and how you are balancing your life. The answer my surprise you.

Original material found at: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/rest/201802/the-most-successful-people-make-room-rest?collection=1127743