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A New Day For Depression Treatment!

As of the week of May 20th, 2019, Main St. Psychiatry began treating depressed patients with the esketamine nasal spray Spravato. We are one of the first practices in the state of Illinois to begin doing so. We are very excited about this treatment as it is for treatment resistant patients and, as such, offers the possibility of relief to patients who have not yet found relief for their depressive symptoms. Unfortunately, Spravato is not approved for bipolar disorder.

To qualify for Spravato you need to have failed at least 2 prior antidepressants that you took for at least 4-6 weeks at therapeutic doses. You also need to have had your insurance company approve a prior authorization. Once you are approved, we can schedule your treatments.

What to expect when treated with Spravato: when you arrive for your appointment, we will seat you in a comfortable recliner chair and take your blood pressure. Since some patients have dizziness or nausea with Spravato, we will premedicate you with an anti-dizziness medication and an anti-nausea medication. We then will show you how to administer the nasal spray with a practice sprayer and when you are comfortable with that, we will give you the spray to administer the Spravato and monitor you while you are doing so. You will remain at our office in the recliner for approximately 2 hours and then will go home after a final blood pressure reading.

Spravato is treated twice weekly for four weeks, then once weekly for four weeks and then every other week for 6-12 months depending on individual symptoms. Spravato is well tolerated for depression and has been FDA approved. Please feel free to call us to discuss it further if you think you are a candidate for it.