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TMS is Here!

What is TMS, you ask? It stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and it is used for treatment resistant depression. In 79% of patients, there is a positive clinical response. In other words, it works!

How does TMS work? It works by stimulating the brain to increase the neurotransmitters responsible for normalizing mood when you are depressed. It is noninvasive. You don’t take a medication and you don’t have to have anything put in your body. It works by treating the part of your brain where depression resides with a magnetic pulse. That’s it. Under 30 minutes per treatment and you are on your way, able to drive and continue your day.

How often do I have to have TMS? TMS is given for six weeks, 5 days per week and then tapered off over 3 more weeks. We are here 8am-5pm so you can fit it into your life, for example, on your lunch hour. There would still be half an hour left for lunch. After your treatment course is complete, you will be placed on an antidepressant. In some cases, this is enough and you will not need TMS again. Other times, a booster course of TMS may be necessary in the event of relapse.

What will it cost me? Here is the best part: Commercial insurance and Medicare will cover the cost of TMS 100%. Yep, 100%. With Commercial Insurance we will have to go through a prior authorization process that may take a couple weeks but patients with Medicare can start the TMS process with the first available appointment. This includes a one hour initial evaluation followed by a one hour session where we determine the best spot for the magnetic field to be applied. At the time this session occurs, you will have your first treatment. From then on, each treatment is less than a half hour.

We are so excited to be able to offer this life changing treatment! If you are suffering from depression and medications have not helped enough, give us a call and schedule an evaluation for TMS. Life without depression awaits.


Fax: 815-526-3094

5911 Northwest Hwy, Ste. 207
Crystal Lake, McHenry County, IL 60014