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Happy 4th of July!

Main St. Psychiatry would like to wish our patients and our community a happy and safe 4th of July holiday! We sincerely hope that the upcoming weekend is filled with family, friends, and fun for everyone. We also recognize that this holiday can present a variety of triggers for those struggling with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.

For example, individuals struggling with PTSD may feel triggered by the sights and sounds of fireworks in their area. Loud sounds, flashing lights, even crowds of people can lead to panic attacks, flashbacks, or intrusive memories for those diagnosed with PTSD or other anxiety disorders. Even our four-legged friends may be susceptible to increased anxiety from fireworks in the area! Please keep this in mind when using fireworks this weekend and be sure that any use of fireworks is done by a responsible adult in a safe environment.

Also, parties with family and friends involving alcohol or other substances can present a significant temptation for relapse for those struggling with addiction. Those diagnosed with eating disorders may be tempted to binge as large gatherings usually involve quite a bit of unhealthy food. While the intention is to enjoy the holiday and the company of family and friends, the obstacles abound for individuals dealing with a variety of mental illnesses.

The best way to manage these types of triggers is through awareness and planning. Knowing that you may be confronted with triggers and temptations of various degrees is the first step. Be open with family and friends about your concerns, have a plan to get out of difficult situations, and be sure to be kind and supportive to those around you during this time of celebration.

Main St. Psychiatry will be closed July 4th and 5th, resuming normal business hours on Monday July 8th. Have a healthy and happy holiday weekend!

For more information on July 4th triggers, click the links below: