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It’s summer… are you having fun yet? For many working adults, the only change this time of year is improvement in the weather conditions. For many of us, the responsibilities of work and home life remain daunting to the point of burnout. Burnout is now a considered a “occupational phenomenon” by the World Health Organization and involves increased fatigue, negativity or cynicism around one’s job, and reduced workplace efficacy.

One possible reason for the increase in burnout today is the level of connectedness we feel to our jobs that makes it difficult to separate from work and fully enjoy time off. Our phones keep us constantly connected to our jobs through email and apps, even when we are supposed to be resting and decompressing. That feeling we all get on Sunday evening, that looming sense of dread about another Monday right around the corner, stems from our inability to fully recharge and disconnect from work on our days off.

There is a simple answer to burnout. If you are feeling more anxious, depressed, fatigued or overwhelmed at work: take a day off. Better yet take a vacation, multiple days off in a row, even if you don’t leave the area. Also, establish healthier boundaries between your work and personal life by turning off email and other notifications during your time off. Take breaks during the day. Try not to eat lunch at your desk and see how taking a walk on a break improves your mood and outlook.

Above all, remember you are no good to your employer if you don’t take care of yourself first. Pay close attention to signs of burnout so that you can disengage and recharge before you and your job really suffer.

Original material found at: https://www.nbcnews.com/health/mental-health/job-burnout-how-spot-it-take-action-n1011116