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The Burden of Time

“Just not enough hours in the day”. How many times have you said this, or heard this from a friend or loved one? We often struggle to manage the burdens we feel on our time, obligations versus pleasurable activities, the things we “want” to do versus the things we “have” to do. It feels like we are all racing around with “so much to do” and yet nothing ever gets done.

As it turns out, there is another way to look at time. We have more control over time than we may think, as we choose how we spend our time. It may not feel that way, but even when we are working, we choose to be there. If we take an evening to relax and enjoy time with our family, that is a choice. This does not mean we ignore our obligations and responsibilities; we just make a choice as to how to allocate the 24 hours of our day.

One interesting theory on how to manage the demands on our time is to schedule time with intention. If we focus on a task with a mind towards the positive emotions we want to feel at the end of it, we will naturally feel less stressed as we are intentionally engaging in a task from a positive mindset. We will not be so concerned with how long it will take because we are acting with intention.

Practicing self-care with intention is also essential to limiting stress and the burden of time. Exercise can be a great stress reliever and coping skill for mental health issues, if we make time for it. Above all, managing the demands on our time is made easier by acknowledging that we always choose how to spend our time. Ensuring that we make choices in line with our priorities and needs, whether professional or personal, can help to decrease the feeling that we are rushing through life without enjoying it.

Original material found at: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/pieces-mind/201908/i-need-more-time