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Winter Is Coming

It’s pumpkin spice time! Yay for football season! Time to get the Halloween decorations out! Fall is all over social media right now, with many people posting their excitement over the change in seasons. However, for those who suffer from seasonal depression this may be a time of foreboding and anxious anticipation as Fall only means one thing: Winter Is Coming (and not in the fun Game of Thrones way).

In order to prepare for winter and the possibility of seasonal spikes in depression, here are some tips:

  • Get a SAD light. Be sure to buy a light with 10,000 lux and follow recommendations on the package and from your doctor to use properly

  • Find an indoor hobby to keep yourself busy such as crafts, crossword puzzles, or coloring

  • Engage with a therapist and/or psychiatrist now to ensure you have a treatment plan in place to address any increase in symptoms

  • Focus on things to look forward to such as the holidays, a winter vacation, snow days off from work or school, etc.

  • Use mindfulness and visualization to fully enjoy the sunny, warm weather now so that you can recall this feeling on those dark winter days

Above all, remember that winter is temporary. Spending time and energy dreading winter now will only make the season feel longer and more depressing. Get yourself a PSL and embrace the joys of Fall.

Go Bears!