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Accentuate the Positive

Life can feel like a bit of a drag a lot of the time. How often do you see posts on social media along the lines of “all I do is eat, sleep, work and repeat”? Many people struggle to find positive moments in their days, focusing more on negative feelings and experiences, which can lead to increased depression and anxiety. It can be difficult to find positivity in our day to day lives, but that may be because we are not attuned to the simple positive moments that occur every day.

One way to rectify this is to intentionally focus on small positive experiences or feelings that may be fleeting but happen all the time. For example, the first few sips of coffee in the morning, or the pleasure of your morning routine, can be positive moments that when intentionally recognized can boost your mood and overall perspective on your life. Appreciating the simple pleasures of life can increase resilience in the face of the negativity that seems to ambush us every day.

Focusing on small, simple pleasures such as turning off your computer to leave work at the end of the day, a quick hug from a loved one, or even a smile from a stranger on the street can reduce stress and symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. Make a list of the simple pleasures you experience every day and you will notice that there is more positivity in your life than you ever realized. There will always be negativity ready to bring us down and make us feel hopeless. Accentuating the positive, eliminating the negative, latching on to the affirmative can help us to see the beauty in life that we often miss.

Are you singing the song yet?

For more tips on accentuating the positive, click the link below. If this activity feels extraordinarily difficult for you, call Main St. Psychiatry to see how we can help!

Original material found at: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/in-practice/202002/50-experiences-positive-emotions-you-have-every-day


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