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Our Mission Statement

Main St. Psychiatry, S.C.,  is a multidisciplinary mental health group practice that provides high quality care in a cost-effective manner to people of all ages in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  To do so, we strive to meet the following goals:

  • A competent, well educated, and empathic professional staff.

  • A support staff that is respectful,  friendly and helpful to our patients.

  • Coordination of care, when appropriate, with other medical and mental health professionals, community resources, schools, and agencies.

  • Respect for patient confidentiality and privacy and compliance with all legal and ethical responsibilities.

  • A work environment that fosters collegiality and growth and enhances our ability to care for our patients.

About Psychiatry

A psychiatrist is the only type of mental health provider who has completed four years of medical school to earn their MD degree, followed by four additional years of residency training to become a specialist in Psychiatry. A psychiatrist is the only mental health provider who can provide both psychotherapy and medication management when needed.

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